The style we teach is Vinyasa (movement with breath). Classes include a short meditation, pranayama practice,  and Asana practice, and finish in a final relaxation. During the practice, we guide your awareness to the breath, and on how movements and postures feel in the body. We support you to develop self awareness and self acceptance in your practice... for your yoga practice to feel good in your body, and feel completely your own. Each month we have a particular focus for the classes, and each week class content is built around that focus, with lots of variations offered for you to consider and explore. 

In our yoga practice, it’s about developing the confidence and ability to empower ourselves to make good decisions about how to practice our yoga, based on how we feel while practicing, on that particular day.  It is a simple idea that is the foundation for our whole yoga practice. 

Sharing words from T. K. V. Desikachar, son and disciple of Krishnamacharya, about beginning from where we are every time we come to the yoga mat: 

“If we want to make this principle of asana practice a reality, we have to accept ourselves just as we are. If we have a stiff back, we have to acknowledge this fact. It may be that we are very supple, but our breath is very short, or perhaps our breathing is alright, but our body gives us certain problems. It is also possible to feel comfortable in an asana while the mind is somewhere completely different. That is not asana either. It is only possible to find the qualities that are essential to asana if we recognise our own starting point and learn to accept it.”

We honour the Indian roots of Yoga and the lineages of teaching. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a way of life. And the yoga asana class is one part of our overall ongoing journey of self-discovery.