We work in partnership with the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity to bring Indian dance into the hospital wards. ECHC believes that nothing should get in the way of being a child, and they exist to transform the experiences of children and young people in hospital so they can be a child first and a patient second. And so Monday afternoon brings the tinkling sound of our anklets through the hospital, as we go from ward to ward, and dance at the bedsides of children, or in the playrooms.

We aim to bring the joy and vibrancy of Indian classical dance to children and their families, and to hospital staff.

Our sessions in partnership with the Eric Liddell Centre have started back in 2019 as one of our first outreach projects. We have always had a special place in our hearts for these sessions as we have always felt at home in the centre and we can also see the positive impact it has on all the carers that attend each Friday.

In every session we aim to share the benefits of Indian dance and movement with the group of carers who attend weekly. We share with them some of the best Indian music and choreograph especially so that everyone can take part in the session in their own way.

Our Friday Indian Dance classes have become a constant for us, an anchor of joy that reminded us how important dance is, how important staying connected with each other is and how amazing our partners are.

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