About Agnyã Movement

Agnyā Movement is an Edinburgh based Kathak and choreography initiative and is a recently established division of Theiya Arts that is focused on offering Kathak and Bollywood classes in Edinburgh and around Scotland.

It is headed by Himadri Madan and Nandini Manjunath with a vision to create a platform for Kathak, a North Indian Classical Dance form in Edinburgh and raise social and political awareness through their choreographic endeavours. We hope to create a space for North Indian Classical Dances in Scotland by exploring contemporary ways to understand and enjoy this traditional art form. 

Our working vision meets with Theiya in the founding points of arts, outreach, education and community wellbeing programs so as to promote a holistic, accessible and diverse engagement with Indian classical dance forms, arts and arts-based practices.

- Nandini Manjunath - 

Nandini, is a Kathak dancer, performer, choreographer and a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist. She has trained professionally in both Jaipur and Lucknow Gharana styles of Kathak from Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, Bangalore under Guru Dr Maya Rao and advanced training under Guru Prerna Chaturvedi, disciple of Jaikishan Maharaj at Ardhang Institute of dance. Along with her degree in Choreography, she has also acquired a diploma in the Indian classical dance form, Kathak from the Karnataka board. Nandini, as a performer has travelled across India with leading dance companies like Natya STEM dance company, Mahamaya School of performing arts and performed at various prestigious dance festivals and corporate platforms. 

After extensively performing, choreographing and teaching dance in performative and educational settings in India, Nandini was teaching Kathak at Dance Ihayami, Edinburgh since 2017 and has represented the art form from her country through performances and choreography projects at various esteemed platforms in the UK and has also been a principal dancer in 4 star rated shows at the Edinburgh fringe festival. 

- Himadri Madan - 

Himadri is a dance performer, choreographer, teacher, and production manager for the past six years in India and is currently pursuing MFA choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She trained in Bharatnatyam under Guru Srinivasan Rajendra to gain a vocational Diploma, in Kathak under Guru Dr Maya Rao and then Smt. Prerna Chaturvedi (Disciple of Pt. Jaiskishan Maharaj), in Odissi under Smt. Vandana Kassaravalli and in Jazz at Danceworx, Delhi under a scholarship program. After completing her BA Hons. in choreography from Natya Institute of Kathak and choreography, Bangalore University she worked with globally acclaimed companies such as Natya STEM dance Kampni, Anandi Arts Foundation, LVDS, and travelled across India and performed for various prestigious festivals. She was invited as a soloist at Namaste Fukuoka, Japan.

As a choreographer and production manager, she has choreographed and managed over 20 productions in collaboration with companies such as Cornucopia Creations, ISKCON, LVDS, and Anandi Arts Foundation. She has assisted creative dance classes at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She was also a core team member of the organising committee of Dance world cup- India Qualifiers, 2018 with LVDS and for ASMI- Music and Dance festival with Anandi Arts Foundation. She has written scripts for dance-drama productions, managed the backstage, created light and sound design for various performances. Currently, as a part of her Master’s degree course, she is delving deeper into the subjects of Post-modern choreography and Dance filmmaking. As a progression to her career and with the training she has received she also works as a Dance filmmaker and dance video editor.

Agnyã Movement currently offers Kathak Beginners and Intermediate for children and adults,

and Bollywood classes for adults. You can also do private 1-2-1 classes with Agnyã teachers.